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Beginning Note Reading

Beginning Note Reading

SKU: BM001

This book teaches the first nine notes of the keyboard. It gives word stories for each note’s location on the keyboard and the Grand Staff. These notes are the “mother notes of the Animal Note Family.” They are right in the middle of the Grand Staff, just as most mothers are the center of most family groups. Just seven letters of the alphabet are used to identify these notes in the United States, thus each animal name starts with the appropriate letter. Since there are two Fs and two Gs in the first nine notes learned, a different animal is used for each of these letters; a Fish and Frog for F and, a Goat and Giraffe for G. This helps the student decide which note is in the Treble Clef and which are in the Base Clef. If you are living in a part of the world that uses the Do, Re, Me system to identify your notes, simply give the animal the appropriate name. For instance, Cat becomes Do the Cat. As we all have names by which we are known, children love the fact that their Animal Notes also have given names.

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