Let’s Talk More about Teaching Music to Very Young Children

Let’s Talk More about Teaching Music to Very Young Children

Children three and four, as well as some two and half year olds are truly so ready and eager to learn. They love the challenge, the attention, and the accomplishment, to say nothing of the praise of “Job well done!” Who among us does not thrive on the same things? Yes, young children do need the material to be on a level they can handle and have the adult’s support during learning. However, their minds are “little dry sponges, eager to soak up knowledge,” when it is presented to them with material they can understand. That is why Noteimals Animal Note music teaching method is so very valuable. By making the notes caricatures of familiar animals, and giving each animal a story that is easy to remember, these children can learn to read the note on the Grand Staff and find its location on a keyboard, whether it is a piano, inexpensive keyboard, or the beginning keyboard available on the Noteimals iPad/iPhone app.

The teaching material is written so any older child, parent, grandparent, neighbor or friend can easily teach the Note Reading and Timing books, even if they do not have any musical experience themselves. All they need is love, patience, and a desire to help a young child develop their mind. Please use the Animal Note/standard note Flash Card set as you teach, going over the notes once learned and the new notes added. Show your young student the Animal note and repeat the word clue, then tell them, that the Animal has a back of the head just like they do. The front of the head has a face, but the back doesn’t; then repeat the word clue with the standard note side.

At first they will want to use just one finger, but as a new note is added, assign that new friend a finger of its own. I sometimes put my thumb under their little hand to keep them from curling their fingers under. It does not take them too long to relax and begin the process of using their hands correctly. When it is time to start with the base notes tell them to use their “other hand” and gradually start calling it the left hand.

Two and a half year olds and most three year olds will take a year to complete the “Beginning Note Reading” book. They will not practice except when you set down with them, so take five minutes out of your day and work with them as often as you can. I must tell you that there are exceptions to every rule. I have a three year old that wants to “practice my ‘pano’” every day on her father’s iPad, and loves it . She is already working in the “Timing” and first “Fun Song” and “Christmas” song books.

This task is so rewarding, as it truly helps a child to develop both mentally and physically. And remember, we are always here to help and support you, so don’t hesitate to contact me or e-mail me at glenna@noteimals.com