Advantages of the “Beginning Note Reading” Book

The piano is a big instrument with lots of keys to be pressed down to make sounds. It is a fascinating instrument with all those black and white keys and OH!, so much fun to make noise on. A baby, who has one in their home, will reach up and push down on the keys as soon as they can pull themselves up to it, or someone sits with them at the instrument. However, it is beautifully organized with a group of three white keys around the pair of black notes and four white keys around a group of three black keys. The basis of the Animal Note Method of beginning music is associative learning. By making each of the seven basic tones of the Grand Staff, A through G a familiar animal that a child easily recognizes, each animal can take on characteristics that can help the beginner learn each note on the piano and on the Grand Staff.

The “Beginning Note Reading” Book first introduces the arrangement of the two sets of keys on the piano and what animals make their homes on these keys. Then each of the first nine notes located in the middle of the piano keyboard and Grand Staff are introduced with their story and songs.

The very young student 2 ½ to 4, it usually takes a year for them to learn this material. There are so many important life skills they are learning at the same time. Their lessons should be short and fun. They will be learning matching. The will be matching the animal on the page to the one on the keyboard chart that is located behind the black keys, following that key down and pressing it. WOW, that is a big thing for a very young child, but they can do it and love it. They are also strengthen their eye hand coordination. They learn the story associated with each animal and by using the “Animal Note/standard note” Flash Card set, they associate that story with the Animal’s “back of the head” (standard note}. They love to “make” their own songs by arranging the cards and playing the notes. It is really big stuff for them. They begin the use of all their fingers on both hand and they conquer the challenge of recognizing and using their “other hand” (left hand). All these skills introduced and used at this young age helps them in other learning and their future. It is a “Win-Win” project well worth your time and theirs. This book is designed so anyone, whether they have any past music training not can easily teach their child, grandchild, or just someone you care a lot about. It is a gift that keeps on giving! 

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