Music Versus Texting

Music Versus Texting

There is a lot of well-founded concern today about texting and what this is doing to the young minds of young people. Investigators are concerned that it is slowing or seriously affecting the developing brain of the young people who use it constantly.

The mind is a wonderful part of every human being and we need to do all we can to help in it’s development. Much research has also gone into the effect that learning a musical instrument has on mental development. Google will give you about 98,000,000 results on this search. The results of the studies done to this point have been positive. Tests show that a youngster who plays an instrument for 3 or more years does much better in school, showing more concentration, self-discipline and better grades. It has also been shown that the study of music, especially playing an instrument, significantly helps the development of the left side of the brain which is involved in our ability to think logically and to do math. WOW!

Playing an many instrument requires using not only the left hand, which is controlled by the right side of the brain, but also the fingers on that hand. Some instrument requires the left hand to work independent of the right to create the lovely sound of the melody being played. Think about this for a moment. How many things do you do in a day that requires that?

Music is based on being able to read notes and understand timing. Reading standard music is often very difficult for a beginner, regardless of age. Many quit before they have a chance to succeed. The Animal Note Method of beginning music education has made great strides toward solving that problem. Now children as young as three can begin to learn to play the piano and succeed. It is amazing, beautiful and wonderful to watch these little ones learn and love to play the piano and do a good job of it. Older children enjoy it as well, and they are secure in their note reading and timing as they move on to music written in standard notation. It is now possible for any child to have a good musical education.

Music education in your children’s lifes provides alternative avenues for them to communicate, beyond texting, with their friends, family and community while enhancing their minds for success in future endeavors.