A Mother Learns First Hand that the Animal Note Method of Beginning Music Education does Really Work

Two weeks ago the Mom of one of my music families asked me if she could please work with me to see what made the Animal Note Method work for her children. She told me that she had quit music lessons after a year because she could never read notes. “The facts are that all of my children have not only learned to read music, and play with good timing, but they also love what they are doing and music is an adventure for them.” We set up a time convenient for both of us. After much thought, I decided to start her the same as I had her children to give her a better understanding of the Noteimals approach to music.

The first week we carefully covered the information and songs in the “Beginning Note Reading for Children” book. We reviewed the word clues and used them to identify the standard note on the backside of each flash card. Then I picked up a piece of music being played by one of her older children right now. It is an intermediate level popular piece that she especially likes. I pointed to a note she had been studying and asked her to identify it.

“Oh, no, I can’t do that!” she told me.

“Yes you can, just use what you have just learned,” I replied.

She studied the note for a brief moment and the biggest grin spread across her face. “That is ’goat’ isn’t, and that is ‘elephant; and this one is ‘giraffe’!” “WOW, this really works! I am so amazed and truly impressed!

This week we moved on to “Timing” and the first “Fun Song Book.” She is so enjoying what she is doing, and her children are equally delighted.

The Animal Note Method of beginning music education just makes it possible for any individual to learn to play music and truly have fun doing what they are doing whether the individual is 3 or older. Yes, it is new and a little different than the standard way of teaching music, but when it is proving to be a better way for so many, why not try it yourself and/or begin that young child in your life on the road to true music enjoyment.

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